Jobs and career, where to start without experience

So did you just finish your degree @ the University and now wondering- How do I start? Where should I start my career from- without any experience?

Leading universities in large cities are able to provide placements in remote districts with an insignificant salary. Therefore, nothing is left to young professionals other than taking care of themselves, finding just about any jobs and re-learning.

The most common problem for graduates is lack of experience. Let’s try to figure out where to start.

The main problem is that, earlier applicants used to choose a speciality according to their own inclinations. While now the priority occupations are those that are popular among employers and those who are paid adequately. Students after completing Graduation want to earn more money, no matter where. Every year specialists are constantly increasing and today’s employers have a choice. Hence they prefer workers with experience.

What job to choose: more pay or less? The answer seems simple…

You can get a second education, but many have neither the capacity nor the time. You need to select any direction within a particular specialty. In order to learn and develop as a professional one must be willing to work hard at the expense of cash earnings. The only target and objective at this stage has to be- to gain experience and to focus on learning and upgrading the skills. Thus, you can start a career and acquire the necessary experience.

Get back to school days…
Each university program contains various workshops, to ensure that graduates were not only theoreticians, but could apply their skills in the case. However, this practice usually is not enough. At work, everything has to be re-learnt, just because the employer would prefer a more skilled person not to waste their money and time. Therefore, while studying at the university, plan to acquire professional skills.
Choosing the industry, where you will earn money in the future, study it as deep as possible. Read more specialised literature and periodicals. Try to find a company that deals with your chosen activity, practice or part-time jobs, even for little money, if need be. So you can study your subject not only in theory but also in practice, and get the necessary experience.

Be contented with little…
If you finished university, and did not join a profession, what do you do in this case? First, decide what you want to do. Learn the literature on the subject, find out which firms are active, and choose to start your career. Try to find a job, even if it is only an auxiliary position.
For example, you may have chosen an interesting profession, but understand that you may want to find a position in a company that requires extensive training and experience, even if the pay is little .While working in such a position, continue to develop a parallel project and study deeply in an interesting profession. This will give you an initial experience, and then you can get a stronger position or even get hired in another company.

Learn, learn and study again…
Remember, whatever you are doing don’t stop learning. In the company where you settle down to work, you will encounter only a small part of the knowledge that you got in high school. If you change jobs you are required to acquire new knowledge. Therefore, we must always be in the course of the specialization whatever it is.

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