Happy New Year!


So then…Here comes 2017-THE NEW YEAR!

Don’t know what is a better way to welcome the New Year other than expressing Gratitude for all the great things that happened in the past Year- 2016..

Let me use this opportunity to share with you one of the deepest and most powerful transformation practices which results into huge transformation..

It’s creating a THEME for the year..!

This is about choosing one theme for the rest of the year! Once you can focus on one theme, this becomes a powerful intention that’s like an invisible guide for everything that you do in the year. You would notice that as you put conscious focus and attention on the theme during the year in a relaxed way — amazing things happen with very little effort!

So let me share my thoughts on creating a Theme for this year…

I will Love Me-
I read somewhere- We make resolutions to change ourselves. This year for a change- I will be myself!
How many of us can take pride in what and who we are?

Now, that doesn’t mean I would stop growing but I will take out the time to acknowledge myself, love myself for everything I have done so far and for coming this far! I feel so overwhelmed and so grateful for my accomplishments and the brilliant milestones I achieved this year-

I saw a dream 2 years ago. To succeed in my work and gift a SUV car to my family. I fulfilled that dream in 2016. Thank You Universe!

When I was young there was a time when I thought I would want to become an IAS Officer and guess what…This year in 2016 I got the privilege to complete a Coaching Workshop on Leadership for a set of IAS Officers.. Thank You Universe!

And there are so many more opportunities that I got this year and I can’t be happier to be at those places…Thank You..Thank You…Thank You Universe!

So, as I welcome you my Dear 2017… Today I honor myself. I stand up proudly and present myself with confidence to the world around me, even if I am showing off to only myself today.

When I speak to others I shall speak with confident authority, not arrogance or fake humility. I will be true to myself and let that radiance within me shine…Coz I deserve to and I am proud of myself!

I pray and create that may this year—I love myself more than I ever have! I am beautiful and I would be & do everything to be the best I can be for myself.. I choose to fully accept and love myself.. This year!

Here’s what I suggest you do to create your own THEME for 2017:

• Take a couple of hours away from the busy schedule of your life and tune into what you really want for yourself and what’s been holding you back. And then ask yourself what yearly theme would give you a break through.
• Once you have a theme, please share it with important people in your life as a public declaration of your desire for a breakthrough (Do remember to share it with me here).Decide on a Theme, that seems true to you!
• Get a brand new journal for the coming year, put your theme at the top of it and create a practice of journaling around your theme at least 2-3 times per week,

Once you do this practice, you will experience a breakthrough. You will live into your theme and your life will never be the same again..And on that note— Here’s wishing you all A Very Happy New Year! May it be full of love, laughter success & happiness for you!

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